Monday, March 15, 2010

Cardinal Brady and Saturn-Pluto

Séan Baptist Brady is an Irish Cardinal. He wanted to keep the scandall of sexual abuse a secret. He is waiting for the Pope to ask him to resign (he won't do it himself). See how his life changed in a short period of time, from becoming a Cardinal to becoming the head of an institution publicly known for (at least) not helping abused children:

1. first the progressed Sun changed sign to Scorpio
2. then the first aspect in the new sign was Sun opposition Saturn
3. and the next aspect was Sun square Pluto
4. Saturn and Pluto are related to the Node (the community)
Those aren't easy aspects to start a new period in life with.

When he became a priest (in February 1964) the progressed Sun was in the 17th degree of Virgo, semi square Pluto and sesquisquare Saturn, sextile Node; the same aspect pattern. And the same old combination (Saturn-Pluto-Node) is active again 45+ years later. The present square between Saturn and Pluto is connected to the individual charts of this church leader.

Saturn is square Pluto and the aspect is getting tighter and tighter. Should it mean the end of a form of authority? Or just serious problems for conservative institutions? Or could it also be seen as: the comeback of mistakes of the past? Saturn is biquintile Pluto in the natal chart of the Pope. That is an indication for a creative way to deal with boomerang effects in times that mistakes come to the light.

For more about Saturn and Pluto in combination, see Astromarkt and click here… or use the label.


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Astromarkt said...

PS for the chart of the pope: with transit Pholus opp. Midheaven the Pope there is the introduction of the catalyst, the turning point with uncontrolable situations.