Sunday, March 7, 2010

'Grey Owl' Archie Belaney and Neptune

Archibald Belaney pretended to be ‘ Grey Owl’, protected the environment (and beavers), fooled King George (even tapped him on his shoulder), was a bigamist and an alcoholic and died too young, 49 years old and disabled with progressed Sun square Saturn. Saturn is the first planet rising before his natal Sun, so that the progression resonated (hit harder). He was an author, too, btw.

I saw a little piece of an old documentary about his life and I immediately thought of Sun-Neptune. Then I had the chart calculated by and I noticed that the Sun didn’t make any major aspects in sign o r orb 5 degrees (that can be interpreted as " drawing attention somehow" ). There was however a minor aspect between Sun and Neptune: 112.5 degrees (that is a square and a half semi square). Am I who I think that I am or am I who others say that I am, that is often the question with Sun-Neptune. In extreme cases life can be an act in itself. Archie Belaneuy was a fraud pur sang, no mistakes about that, with a double life. Minor aspects are often reflecting the less notioned characteristics of a person. See for example ' The chart behind the chart' about O.J. Simpson. Archibald Belaney is regarded to be one of the first environmentalists.

It would be nice to have his hour of birth but I couldn’t find it on the internet.

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