Friday, April 10, 2015

Marine Le Pen, Jean-Marie Le Pen: it is all about Uranus

Uranus is the symbol of independence and all that is new, like introductions. Sun-Uranus aspects often signal the outsider or the ‘black sheep’. Uranus is also the symbol of nervous change and controversy. With that in mind, it is no surprise that French politician Marine Le Pen now wants her father (founder of the party) to leave after his controversial remarks about the holocaust. Their charts are hit by Uranus right now.

Marine Le Pen has Sun semi square Uranus, to be interpreted as  a rather frustrated will to be free and independent AND being controversial (as a leader of Front National, a right wing party). Often, Sun-Uranus is reflecting separation, from the father, or the husband. She divorced twice.

Why now?
Her progressed Sun was conjunct her natal Uranus 2.5 years ago, when the confrontations with her father started to emerge. Her progressed Sun was also square his natal Sun then, so that he was ‘in the picture’.

Transit Uranus is on her Descendant now (freedom from others, liberation).

So, it is time to become independent now. How about her father?

His Progressed Sun is now exactly quindecile (165d) Uranus, mirroring a strong focus on independence and freedom as well as an obsessive way to show indepence. There is also a conjunction with natal Ixion, so that there is spotlight on issues of being grateful and guests and ‘bad guys’ (or being seen as one).

Why does this happen between the two of them?
The Sun of father Jean-Marie is exactly square her Uranus.
In her eyes (Sun) he is unpredictable. So even though he introduced her in the party, she may find it time to be free.

So it is all about Uranus, the controversial, the outsider, the liberation, the independent and the free. He wants to be independent and express his ideas. She wants to be liberated from a father whose ideas are not just controversial but also limit the possible amount of voters. Again, Uranus is the master of chaos, alienation (estrangement) and a lot of nervous fuss.

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