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Cheating women and their charts

Anthonis van Dyck 052
When Venus is calling in a man's chart, he often can't resist the call. When Mars is 'calling' in a woman's chart, she might not be able to resist 'men' and she might have more 'sex drive' than other women have.  
There is an example on this blog of a wealthy German woman with a gigolo with Mars 'calling' (no aspects in sign/5 d orb) and rising before the Sun (orientation on men at any possible level) and an anonymous comment about the ladies body temperature. OK, Mars is the symbol of fire, too:).

There are few famous examples of cheating ladies. The cheating lady that I know happens to have a 'calling' Mars , too, with Venus square Neptune (and no artistic talent that I know of:). She married too young and started cheating. Eventually she found another man and divorced. Venus is in a wide conjunction with Uranus, too. And in her 7th house: Jupiter! (for more than one relationship).

Catherina the Great is of course a great cheat. Her husband happened to die just one week after she took over power. Just like cheating men she had Moon conjunct Venus. In a woman's chart: a need to be loved...Mars was rising before the Sun (another prominent Mars!) and Venus inconjunct Uranus did the rest (it expresses the desire for alteration and adventure and the tendency to fall in love repeatedly in an exaggerated way - because of the inconjunction). 

Whoopi Goldberg, Meg Ryan (for revenge) and Madonna cheated, too. 
Whoopi's Mars in Libra in the 8th house is 'calling' and so is her Venus in Sagittarius on the MC. Her Moon is rising before the Sun (needs first?). And just like my earlier example: Jupiter is in the 7th house.   
Meg Ryan is an exception. No prominent Mars for her, but she has indications for divorce (Venus quintile and Sun square Uranus, square between rulers of 1 and 7) and she had a reason:). And a Mars-Uranus aspect, just like Madonna. 
(Just Google 'Astrodatabank' and the name and you find the charts).
Princess Diana also cheated out of revenge. In her chart. Sun semi square Venus and Uranus (and Venus square Uranus) tells the same story as in the chart of Meg Ryan. 

Women (still) don't have as much 'chance' to cheat as men have and in some countries they are executed even if they were raped. Being true or not depends on the quality of the relationship (and sexlife) but it is also a matter of hormones. 

I think that the 'calling' Venus in the chart of men and the 'calling' Mars in the chart of women indicate that the attraction to the opposite sex can reach any level. 

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