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Eris and the chart of Charlie Sheen

Eris throws an apple...(Wedding of Peleus by Bloemaert)
There is a lot to do about Charlie Sheen. Lately the Huffington Post wrote about him, for example...And his name has been mentioned on many blogs. Here is a small contribution to the discussion about his chart. It is mainly about Eris. Eris (Discordia) is the symbol of discord and her apple is proverbial! Charlie Sheen has a 'calling' Sun*). His Sun is exactly inconjunct Eris! Right now, his progressed Sun is almost exactly quindecile Eris, resonating the existing natal aspect. It means that the existing unbalancing and extraordinary discord in his life (the natal chart) has reached a point when there is a very strong (almost obsessive) spotlight (Sun) on Mrs. Discordia/Malafida/Eris, what is in a name...

I always point at the 'rule of 3', and I should follow my own rules (don't I?), so here are more indications for the discord in the (progressed) chart of  Charlie Sheen. 

1. Progressed Venus trine Eris
2. Progressed Mars trine Eris
 (a way out for the passion to have some discord)
3. P Sun quindecile Eris 
(the natural lack of balance between drawing attention and 'discord' as an issue has now become an obsession; there is on the other hand a strong focus (quindecile Sun) on what discord (Eris) around Charlie Sheen).
4. In the progressed chart Mercury is exactly inconjunct Eris (speaking of discord...)
5. Eris is elevated in the progressed chart
That is a lot of Eris. And in the progressed chart the Sun is also exactly sesquisquare Saturn and transit Saturn is exactly square the progressed Ascendant...

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Mars is inconjunct Eris in the charts of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and George Michael (well in all charts of those born between June 24 and June 26 of 1963). 

A more positive reflection of Eris: French minister works on a law against psychogical violence. Eris is important in his chart!

Here is the chart of Charlie Sheen, with progressions and transits:
natal, transits and progression

progressed chart with transits

More about his chart:

*) A 'calling' Sun or planet doesn't make any major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees and has a special effect. This object works at any possible level. See Astromarkt for more about unaspected planets and empty elements. They are 'Conspicuous by absence'...
*) The apple appears in many tales. Think of Eve, think of Aurora (the witch Malafide and the poisoned apple). The 'apple of discord' means 'something that provokes an argument'.

News about Charlie Sheen: 
Lately the Huffington Post wrote about him, for example...

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