Tuesday, March 29, 2011

All you need is Venus

To finish the month about relationships and love*), I want to point at Venus, now in the romantic sign of Pisces and right now in my Ascendant's degree. So I just have to mention her...
Venus is the remedy for all that doesn't fit, doesn't match and doesn't seem appropiate. Venus is the symbol of sympathy and love. A famous couple with a long lasting marriage and no matching signs at all is Meryl Streep & Don Gummer. Her Venus is exactly trine his Venus: love is all you need, so all you need is VENUS!

Venus is there when you meet a loved one. With someone's Venus on your Ascendant you just sense sympathy and love. And when someone's Venus is on your progressed Sun when you meet, that doesn't mean that you will stop loving this person (and vice versa) when the progressed Sun moves on to the next degrees. A very sweet dog of mine was born with her Venus on my progressed Sun and she choose me at first sight and didn't keep her eyes of me. And I really loved this dog and remember her with a smile. Of course, she was a dog and dogs don't live longer than about 10 years...:) So I don't know if love is everlasting when you meet a sweet husband with Venus on your Sun or Ascendant. Life is too complicated to guarantee that. But in the end, when it comes to realtionships, with animals, with partners, with people around you...Venus helps you to accept, agree with and comfort the one you love or like. And that is logic!:)

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