Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Scorpio lives longer

The Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reports about the results of a German study about getting old related to the month of birth. November children have a longer life than those born in May, they say (difference is 7-11 months). That is completely in line with what I found and published on Astromarkt. I quote:

Sunsigns and Moonsigns offer some insights. It seems that the sign of Gemini is not represented in this study at all. Only Betje Comijs -Cicero might have Sun in Gemini. Odd is, that Moon in Scorpio appears only once, but Sun in Scorpio was seen often (6 times). There are more very old people in this study with Sun in Aquarius, Pisces or Libra (5 times each) than in Aries, Taurus or Virgo. Moon in Sagittarius is 7 times present and 4 times each the Moon is placed in Aquarius or Pisces. 

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