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Bachelors, cheats and their charts

Johan Tobias Sergel (source: Svenska Turistföreningens årsskrift 1967)
Any man with two or more (hard) aspects like between Mars and Uranus, Moon and Saturn, Moon and Neptune or Venus and Neptune has a hard time to find mrs. Right. When they get married, they don't stop liking the other girls or they find out that they didn't marry the true love of their life...That is because such an ideal woman doesn't exist (for them). They will have to compromise and some manage to do so when they get older. Perhaps they can control themselves, but for some it is very hard. Of course, there are unfaithful women, too. There will be a post about them next time. This post is about men who cheat (they are supposed to be the number one cheaters:).

What makes a man cheat? It is hard to be true when Venus is calling*) you and you are a charming person:)! It is hard to be true when you love some 'alternation' or when you keep falling in love! It is also hard to be true when you are stuck in a marriage with a mortgage and a few children (Venus-Saturn) and when you are a boy who wants to have fun (Mars in the 5th, for example). There are so much difficulties on the way to eternal true love!

Of course, it depends on culture and time in history how a man deals with those 'problems'. I guess Mr. Neanderthal didn't worry too much about it. Henry VIII divorced several times. He had the chance and the position. Picture this: he had Moon quintile Saturn and semisquare Neptune, Venus opposition Neptune (and inconjunct Uranus), Mars 105d Uranus, all four of the 'difficulties' in his progressed chart when he married! Poor man:). There were only harmonious distances when he was born! His position changed and that made him a candidate for marriages with women who could never meet his standards.

In Europe people don't marry too soon, so there is fewer risk of divorce (their relationships 'just' end). For example, I know a good looking man of 50, still a batchelor, lots of lovers and friends, good  job, with Sun conjunct Uranus (rising before the Sun), Mars biquintile Uranus and Moon inconjunct Saturn. Had he married, he would have divorced, too. Now he doesn't have to deal with money issues following a divorce.

Some guys are lucky and marry a woman who don't mind if they have others. Some queens and Jacqie Kennedy and other women prefer wealth over true love. The official wife and the lover attended the funeral of Mr. Mitterand (Moon in Libra rising before the Sun, Venus 'calling', Mars quintile Uranus, Jupiter in the 8th house.., see the link).

Some guys were less fortunate and their affairs got lots of attention.Tiger Woods, for example. His Moon, Venus and Neptune are in the 3rd house, rising before the Sun. Maybe that is an addition to the 4 'classical' indications given by the astrologer Ram...

1. I know of another person whose wife is as tolerant as Mrs.Mitterand was has Mars sesquisquare Uranus and Venus (calling!) semi square Saturn with Moon quatronovile Neptune. Those three aspects are in line with what I mentioned before. Venus is also semi square Pluto (for intense desires). All in all: a charming man with a short fuse and intense desires whose chart tells me that it will be hard to continue this marriage.

2. The chart of a cheat who didn't divorce but lives with his lover has Jupiter in the 8th, a prominent Moon on the IC, Venus on the Descendant and 'calling'(no major aspects), Moon opposition Neptune and sextile Venus (with Venus trine Neptune), Venus inconjunct Saturn (for staying married, but...not true). This man also has Venus conjunct Orcus (in the 7th house). Orcus is the symbol of (broken) promisses.

From those examples you learn that the 4 basic 'trouble makers' are almost always there. But, to be able to cheat, first of all you need to see and contact women. What makes it easier to connect to women?

- Moon in Taurus or Venus in Libra helps to look nice:)
- Venus in the 3rd house helps you to connect with women, too.
- Aspects between Moon and Venus show the need for love and the love for women (all of them...).
- Venus-Uranus is for adventures with women or just for dancing:).
- Venus-Neptune is for romancing...
- Jupiter in the 8th house contributes to your potential. You have to be strong to have more than one woman:)
You see these indications in the examples above. Many of those indications are part of the pattern of artistic talents (see Art&Astrology), too. So if your man is not an artist and he has more than 2 of those indications, and you want your husband to be true, beware!:)

How do I know? I studied the charts of Mick Jager, John F. Kennedy (see Astrology&Love) and Bill Clinton, who has Moon in Taurus and Venus in Libra, both in hard aspect with Neptune. I also have the chart of manager with Moon in Taurus, Jupiter in the 8th house, Moon septile Venus and Venus trine Neptune who cheated on his wife more than once.
 Why is this study not complete? I don't know if the others were true, always!:)

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*) A planet without aspects in sign and/or orb 5 degrees is a 'calling planet. See the label for more info or read the complete article on Astromarkt, click here..

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