Thursday, March 3, 2011

When your (progressed) chart met your partner's...

When you met your partner, did your progressed charts connect with each other or with the partner's natal chart? It is often so. When I met my husband, his progressed Saturn*) was exactly conjunct my natal Descendant (and that is how we got stuck together:). Also, my progressed Mars was trine his natal Sun. There is a time for everything, and maybe there is a time for meeting each other, too...
This month March the interaction between two charts will be in the spotlights here. And just like in a love story I start with 'meeting each other'. 
" People meet or get to know each other at the moment that they share the same kind of situation or period in their life. Both partners are at the same time searching for hapiness or are sharing a good or bad moment and that 'connects' them. At least, you would think so when you see their progressed charts! The moment of meeting a person seems to be connected to the moment that your were born. That is what the astrology of meeting is about: to see the right time for loving."  
 I wrote that on Astromarkt, in: The Astrology of Meeting People and of course you find examples there, about all kinds of relationships and meetings.

Here is another one about love: the meeting of King Harald of Norway and his wife Sonja.
When King Harald V met his wife Sonja, his progressed Sun was conjunct Saturn, ruler 7. Her progressed Venus was inconjunct his Mars. His progressed Mars was trine his progressed Sun and Saturn and his progressed Venus was square her progressed Sun. A rather complicated picture, but it shows controlled passion and a period of strong love.
Of course, in order to meet somebody, you must be prepared to meet somebody, or you just don't notice the man or woman. And vice versa! It hurts when you fall in love and the other doesn't.  Take for example the first time that Prince Charles and Camilla met and he didn't notice her. Quote:

In June 1971, during a polo match, Camilla and Charles met for the first time. She had progressed Venus conjunct natal Saturn and semi square progressed Uranus. He had no special progressions at all. Her progressed ascendant is at the time of the meeting exactly sesqui square his progressed Jupiter. This all means that she had a bad period for love and was limited in her choices, but that she had met a chance for being happy (Jupiter), too soon (sesquisquare).

Sometimes, people meet without starting a relationship, yet. A semi square with Venus describes a senseless love. Bernadette Brady refers to semi squares as a 'frustrating not'. Sesquisquares with Jupiter however are supposed to bring advantages in a later stade!

Apparently Charles and Camlla had to marry someone else, first. It is not only for the sort of aspectation that love was not answered at the time. Saturn and Uranus together refer to limitations of freedom and independency. Venus with Uranus often points at falling in love. Saturn is the planet of responsibilities, status and 'timing'. Shall we see this as 'untimy falling-in-love'?

And, if that is so, was all this 'ment to be' or just coincidence?

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