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Does Juno reflect Mr. or Mrs Right?

 Juno is the symbol of the married woman or marriage in general. Does Juno show up when you meet Mr. or Mrs. Right?*)...Or does Juno show up when there is a possible candidate? I think that it is the second option. That is because there are so many possible 'hits' with Juno. Transit Juno, progressed Juno and natal Juno and their aspects with Sun, Ascendant, Sun/Moon and Midheaven and Venus….they offer plenty of chances to meet someone who could be A great partner. But it depends on the similar transits and progression – at least 2!-  and on circumstances if this Juno will resonate a partner.*) 
So it is like with all transits and progressions: it depends on much more than on that position, transit or progression by itself. Here are examples…

Juno is important in my chart. She rises before the Sun and that is a prominent position. I am married, yes, since many many years. When I met my Mr. Right I had transit Jupiter trine  my Ascendant and square my Moon. When we married my Progressed Juno was trine his Ascendant. Transit Juno was conjunct, opposition and square or trine Sun/Moon a few times and in one occasion I got pregnant (when there were more indications). I couldn't possibly get married all of those times!:) My progressed Sun was square Juno in March 2008 and I can't remember what happened. There will be another transit of Juno with my Sun and MC in November of 2012. If anything important happens, I will let you know...

Of course I have more examples of the resonation of Juno on this blog. Three examples of progressions with Juno,  two examples of prominent Juno’s, one about transit Juno and an Venus-Juno synastry…

  1. Evita Perron’s progressed Sunsign changed and the first aspect was a quintile with Juno. She moved to Buenos Aires with a man and there she would meet Juan Perrron.
  2. Hard aspects of Mars, Saturn and Pluto with Juno (and more!) accompanied the endd of Princess Madeleine’s engagement.
  3. Albert is one of the most desirable ‘royal bachelors’ . Maybe that is why Juno, the symbol of marriage, is conjunct his Ascendant. It didn’t help him to get married, but he has two children with two former lovers. He has acknowledges that he is the father of these children, but they will not the next Prince or Princess of Monaco.
  4. In ‘Dream Weddings’ “Princess Maxima of the Netherlands married a rich boy who will be king one day. Her Venus is in hard aspect with Jupiter/Pluto. In the days around her wedding day the progressed Descendant was conjunct Juno, the symbol of the married woman.”
  5. Venus of Bobby Brown is opposition the Juno of Whitney Houston. Does that make him her beloved partner? Uhmm…Here is the post:
  6. Progressed Venus conjunct Juno was one of the best aspects during the divorce of President Zuma, making me think that he found some consolation alreadyJ
  7. Juana la Loca couldn’t get over the death of her husband.” It is clear that marriage and the end of it, was important. Juno is the symbol of the married woman. Juno is rising before the Sun and right after Pluto, the symbol of life and death. It means that her first orientation is being a married woman; she is first of all somebody's wife. The tragedy is that he died.”

Juno is the Roman equivalent of Hera (sister and wife of Zeus/Jupiter), a rather jealous and revengeful person, by the way. Above she is lovely, but here is another picture of her, by Carracci. If you were Argos, you wouldn't want her to 'transit' you!


Check the position of your Juno and transits of Juno here (ephemeris by LibraRising): Bob Mark's ideas about Juno in sign and house and about aspects with Juno

Wikipedia mentions many more meanings of Juno, the mythological woman...

*) Is he Mr. Right? Test:

*) Besides,  if you were born with Saturn and Pluto in Libra, you might not feel that much of the urge to commit yourself, for example. See the post on Astrology&Love about Saturn and Pluto in Libra.

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