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Transit Neptune conjunct Ascendant
(like Christina Aguilera)

Welcome - Christina AguileraNeptune crossed the Ascendant of Christina Aguilera when she started a relationship with a movie assistent and left her husband. That is what might happen when Transit Neptune is conjunct your Ascendant, because when Neptune is conjunct the Ascendant, Neptune is opposition the Descendant (the starting point of the house of marriage) and might drift you apart. Neptune conjunct the Ascendant introduces romance, affairs and the risk of addiction and changes your situation. You might be surrounded by frauds, liars, spies and gossip. With transits of Neptune it is very important to walk the right way and not get lost in the mist. Because only when the mist vanishes, you see where you went wrong. Is Neptune ever funny or making a person happy? Perhaps, if you need inspiration for a drama or a poem or if you want to escape from reality and every day dull life: take some Neptune!:) The transits of Neptune are very confusing and sometimes dissolving, however. Christina Aguilera just found out. For the second time in a few months time, someone published 'hot' pictures of her; stolen private pictures. And see what an amount of transits and progressions is accompanying this incident. I won't mention them all here (see bottom line).  I just like to mention that  Progressed Venus conjunct progressed Midheaven tells us that in the course of her life and career (progressions) Venus (the planet of love) is above all of importance for her destiny.

Neptune is rising before and conjunct the Sun of Christina Aguilera (see the chart of Christina Aguilera above). That means that she is first of all interested in art, fantasy, romance, dreams, religion, movies, fiction and ideals: the complete Neptune vocabulary. Now that Neptune is in her first house this part of her personality has 'come out' and with that: her secrets, her pictures, her movies. And they are not common pictures, or else they were not worth that much:).

Astrologer Corn. Gorter said in ' Astrologische Chronologie' that too much sensitivity and a conflict between real life and fantasy is too be expected. That is too bad, but perhaps there is another way to see Neptune here. 

Neptune is not just weak. Neptune is strong in sacrifices and voluntary jobs and Neptune is part of the artistic pattern (consisting of Moon, Venus, Neptune, their signs and Midheaven). That is because there is no art without inspiration, fantasy and dreams. That pattern is also visible in Christina Alguilera's chart:

- Neptune is half semisquare Venus and 
- Neptune is (wide) biquintile Moon,
- Venus is quindecile Moon. 

Venus is the bridge between Moon and Neptune, Venus rules the Taurus Moon and Venus is ' calling' (no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees; the conjunction with Uranus is out of sign). Venus is even more 'calling' now that her position is on Midheaven in the progressed chart! Venus is the symbol of beauty, talent, entertainment and style. Venus is also the symbol of preferences, sympathies and love.

In Christina's chart we see, apart from the pattern of talent, a Golden Yod. Moon-Chiron, Neptune, Mercury, and Jupiter-Saturn are connected by quintiles and biquintiles, concentrating on the Taurus Moon, ruler of the 7th house of partnership and opposition Quaoar, symbol of creations and 'new realities'. The Moon is quindecile Venus for a strong focus on what people like. There is a strong creative pattern, and there is also Sun conjunct Neptune, rising just before the Sun. I wrote about Sun-Neptune before (here, and on Astromarkt) and one of the problems of this aspect combination is ' identity unsafe' (who am I, am I who they say I am?). Some actors and idols loose their true self and actually become the person they play in the movie or on stage. Being an idol, the ' double life' or 'double identity' and the conflict between your angel eyes and your true you often pop up with this aspect.There is more about Sun-Neptune (like empathy and idealism); just use the link below,

Neptune-Ascendant is frequent in the charts of divorced women (not necessarily their ' fault') , the charts of addicts and of those who hide something about their relationship. I know someone with Neptune-Ascendant who kept it a secret that her husband had an affair, just to keep up appearances (Capricorn, yeS!:). That means that you have to make up stories to explain all sort of strange things around you.Anyway, Neptune-Ascendant is also part of the charts of people who work in charity or who do voluntary jobs (and are being used by someone, in a way). And I watched Neptune-Ascendant in the charts of artists, of course. Maybe Neptune is also angular in the charts of sailors, but I don't have examples...;( Let's say that Neptune on the Ascendant brings empathy, fantasy, addiction and/or romance and sometimes arts and that the common factor is imagination. When you feel the pain of a victim, you imagine the pain (it is not yours) and when you help a person you do it because of something that you can't see or feel (and maybe even not smell): ideals. One of the personifications of Neptune is the romantic lover, your 'dream person'. 

Her transit Neptune on the Ascendant resonated an affair, with movies (Neptune!) and pictures (Neptune) and later the theft of secrets (Neptune!). It is the perfect description of the Neptune-effect. Secrets ' coming out' with Neptune on the Ascendant...Relationships gone, too...I am not looking forward to my transit Neptune in 2013!

But of course, it takes more than one transit to turn your world upside down.  In Aguilera's natal chart there are indications for divorce already. The elevated Venus conjunct Uranus (out of sign), for example…that is the aspect of sense of rhythm and pleasure in adventures. For women it is one of the 4 aspects that ‘help’ you on your way to divorce. Uranus is exactly square Ascendant, for upheavel and flashlight relationships. She also has Jupiter in the 7th house of marriage (and Jupiter is the symbol of more…). And of course, she is rich and famous, a beauty and in the company of many persons like her. It takes a very strong love and marriage to stick together when Neptune comes to drift you apart. And there was no strong marriage. The Sun signs didn't match, her Mars square his and Venus offered no compensation.

Chart of the relationship between Christina and Jordan Bratman (positions = green transits):
They share a Sun-Neptune aspect. Quote:

Sun and Neptune shared in aspect gives you shared ideals, dreams and faith or even a shared idol! But with hard aspects you might share the same disillusions as well or this relationship is disillusive. Cooperating could work out best in an asylum or in a non-profit organization where they can help others, and each other.
Another possible combination is between enemies and with Sun in hard aspect with Neptune shared. Ideology stand between you as was the case with the murderer of director Theo van Gogh who shared Sun square Neptune. 

Mind if I add here: or an affair stands between you and that might happen with transit Neptune conjunct Ascendant?

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There is Progressed Sun, in the last 3 degrees of Capricorn, announcing a change in lifestyle coming up. This Progressed Sun is inconjunct her Progressed Moon: there is lack of emotional balance right now. Last December her Progressed Sun was sextile Pholus (easy way out/risk of shooting your feet) and the Progressed Moon is right now opposition transit Node and square natal Pholus (emotional turning point). Something is happening. Something that will be even more important in retrospective. For those interested: there is much more.

Progressed Mars (well aspected by Jupiter and Saturn's transits for ups and downs of energy), square the natal Moon and: transit Saturn inconjunct natal Moon. That is the symbol of a bad experience and feeling sad. Progressed Mars is also square natal Quaoar.

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A large part of the population feels that Astrology is bunk. A simple Google search will show that her name is "Christina Aguilera". If you're going to all the trouble to write a whole article about her, maybe also go to the trouble to see how her name is spelled so that the whole thing doesn't seem so shoddy or superficial.

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Thank you for telling me this!