Monday, March 28, 2011

Uranus rising before the Sun

I found another example of Uranus rising before Sun and inner planets (Mercury and Venus). Earlier I found  Uranus in that position in many charts of people who get real old and eventually become ' exceptional'  enough to be news. The latest example is of a Dutch twin (brother and sister) born March 23, 1920 was in the local papers because the mayor visited them for their 91st birthday. This happens now that transit Uranus (the symbol of 'newsmaking') is square their progressed Sun. They already had an important Uranus. And at last, they are news!:)

See the article about Age and Astrology on Astromarkt. I quote:

We see oriental (rising before the Sun):

Mars 7 x (active, do-er, action first)
Uranus 9x (alertness, independancy, freedom first)
Jupiter 9x (being developed and positive, succes first)
Saturn 8x (serious and carefull, security first)
Neptune 2x (idealistic and romantic, a dreamer)
Pluto 1x (strategic and courageous, power first)

In Astro I.D. (my book, now sold out) I mention on page 37 that out of the first 10 people I checked in my files 4 have Jupiter oriental and another 4 Uranus. And out of the 20 persons in my files who died before the age of 40 NO ONE has Uranus oriental (Saturn 3 times, Jupiter 6 times). Jupiter oriental is not a proper indication for getting very old and neither is Saturn, though Jupiter is an optimist and Saturn is cautious. It seems rather significant that Mars is oriental in twice as much charts in the group of people who died young. Mars is related to fever, speed, accidents and aggression.
But who would expect Uranus, specifically Uranus oriental, as important in the charts of the very old?

I wonder if Uranus is adding some adrenaline that keeps them going:). Here is the chart with the positions at noon for their day of birth, the transits and the progressions.

Of course, having Uranus orientational (rising before the Sun) doesn't mean you have to get old:). Much depends on genes, gender and a doctor in the neighbourhood. It also helps to be carefull. And it seems that Scorpio's live longer.

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