Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flashback: Love and Venus and astrology

Time for a flashback and reflection about Venus in the month of relations on Astropost.

1. When is it (a) time for love? That is when Venus is 'around'. See this blog Astropost: Love and Venus in the progressed chart and see Astromarkt about the example of the year 2011: Prince William. His progressed Venus is conjunct the Sun and transit Neptune is trine Venus and Sun. That is a romantic combination on the royal wedding day! (Link to 'William, Kate, the Wedding and the chart on Astromarkt).
And PS: it is definitely time for a (wedding) party for all of us, with Venus and Jupiter in a chart. Transits of 'only Venus' may make chear you up, but don't necessarily indicate love or a lover.

2. How about Venus in your natal chart? What if Venus is angular, like in the chart of Whoopi Goldberg (one of the 'cheating women'). Or what about a 'calling' Venus, like in the chart of Laura Bush? It makes you look good, be polite and tastefull, having manners and ...that contributes to being attractive,too, at any possible level. Click on the label 'Venus' for more about the planet of love or see 'Astromarkt, love and astrology'...(synastry,matching, and more...).

3. What if you are already married or 'too old for romance' or too young and Venus is 'around'? Well, Venus is the symbol of beauty (specialists:), wishes coming true, nice people and sweet things. This weekend transit Venus in Aquarius will be conjunct my progressed Sun. I hope you too will have a good weekend":)

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