Monday, March 21, 2011

Chart of the death of Knut, a polar bear

Even a polar bear has astrological positions and even a polar bear's transits and progressions are mirroring his situation. Knut, the popular icebear of the Berlin Zoo, died yesterday. He jumped into the water with what appeared to be spasm and died suddenly. It was a heart attack, they think.
People loved him, but ice bears did not, not even his own mother. That is why he was raised by humans. He was born with Sun square Uranus and Jupiter was rising before the Sun. Sun square Uranus is for enstrangement (being different or independent, sometimes you are 'not part of it' with this aspect). Jupiter orientational is for the international:). Not many bears are famous all over the world...Knut was. His Sun was not only conjunct the midpoint Jupiter/Pluto, but also on the midpoint Venus/Jupiter! That is an astrological statement for lots of love and sympathy and that is what he got. From people....There is no hour of birth, so this is a limited overview of his transits and progressions.

progressed Sun is sextile natal Neptune
- transit Jupiter opposition the midpoint Mars/Saturn (a nice way to die)
- transit Pholus is conjunct progressed Sun for a turning point in life or lifestyle

and there were more aspects:- Mercury conjunct Venus in the progressed chart are afflicted by Chiron.
- Progressed Mars is conjunct natal Jupiter,
- but natal Mars receives a square of transit Neptune, too
- transit Node is conjunct progressed Venus.
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