Monday, February 16, 2009

Hugo Chávez for ever?

Hugo Chávez won. He is allowed to be the president of Venezuela until he dies. He didn't get all of the votes (there is still a large minority of voters against 'Chavez forever'). But he won. He won with Neptune opposition his Pluto and inconjunct his Uranus, so perhaps he wanted to have won more than he did now. In 2013 there will be new elections. As his progressed Sun sign is changing sign, perhaps there will be a democratic reason to step back. If not, he might be a president for a very long time, since Uranus is the first outer planet rising before his Sun. And that is often so in the charts of people who get very very old...

For the reading of Chávez chart, see
Ook in het Nederlands ...y para la carta astral de Chávez en mi mejor Castellano, haga clique aquí. Dijo que 'Su éxito contribue a la prosperidad de gran grupo de personas y que este grupo le suporta a ello (y que es populista). Hay otro lado: los que no 'forman parte' de su grupo van a ser totalmente excluido.'

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