Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gemini on Midheaven (Tom Hanks)

On Art&Astrology I wrote about the artistic pattern in the chart of Tom Hanks. Yesterday I posted an article on this blog, about Venus in mutable signs and multiple marriages (Double bodied signs). Gemini is a double bodied sign*).

Tom Hanks has Venus in Gemini on top of his chart and a Gemini Midheaven. So he is supposed to have more than one marriage (and he has). He also should have two 'look-a-like' carreers, simultaneously or one by one.

Tom Hanks is an actor. But lately he started directing. He is also an investor in electric vehicles. And a voice-over. He has two (...) Oscars. So he has more than one way to make a career. Tom Hanks' Gemini Midheaven produced multiple chances.

*) Double bodied signs (and >1 marriages)


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