Friday, February 20, 2009

All about Neptune

This post is the free translation of my article on Astromarkt (in Dutch) about Neptune's effect.

In an earlier Astropost I wrote about Sun trine Neptune in the charts of Mickey Rourky and Elvis Presley and how they love dogs. Hard aspects from or with Neptune often have another kind of effect (bites, rats, ants, and other kinds of vermin; leakage (watch your cellar and sewer). And when you are famous enough you might be mentioned in a tabloid and your secrets are being revealed. Neptune comes with the sense of perfume sometimes, but unfortunately Neptune also symbolizes less pleasant fragrances! And when the tears keep streaming or the bladder is weak: Neptune!

NEPtune also might dilute friendships and undermine positions or foundations. Neptune's first 3 letters are NEP and in Dutch 'nep' means 'fake'. Neptune is the great pretender. That is why Neptune is related to the movies, pictures and tricks.
Neptune is the boundless planet. Neptune is important in the chart of idealists, dreamers, addicted persons, 'rolling stones', and animal lovers. Perhaps being shy or disappointment in relating to human beings drives Sun-Neptune people into the loving 'arms' of their dogs?
Anyway, there are no limits for love when Neptune is around. Neptune IS romance. Romance can make you do anything for love's sake. Everything that goes beyond daily life and that is hidden (because revealing it can hurt you) is Neptune.

Neptune is the god of the dangerous sea, where you can get isolated, drown, get lost or disappear forever. Neptune is also related to dancing halls, alcohol and the places involved, space and closets (where you hide things). Whatever it is that you want to cover up: Neptune! Whoever you want to protect and help (even if they do not deserve it): Neptune! Neptune is important also in the charts of those who work without payment and voluntarily to help others. But of course, you can use Neptune in a more professional way, and take care of people who are ill and need to be helped.

NEptune symbolizes NEgativity, too. Your negative attitude or approach is stimulated by Neptune. Deceit and neglect is part of the vocabulary of Neptune. Drugs are Neptunic (they produce visions). All that ties you and addicts you and makes you a slave (of a person or a thing): Neptune. Romantic love is a way to become another person's slave:)
In times that you are seen in a negative light (just or unjust), there will be a transit or progression of Neptune to reflect this period.

Neptune is a great seducer and uses candlelight, perfumes and music. When there is a mutual understanding (chemistry), Neptune is around. And Í almost forgot to mention that mediums (those persons who sense it all) are symbolized by Neptune as Neptune is the symbol of spirits and spirituality (all of those things that you cannot really touch or get a grip on).
Illusions and desillusions after seeing through pink glasses are also due to the influence of Neptune.

Every environment, gender, time, place and culture has a different way to express s the influence of Neptune. Gossip, shame, sacrifice...Recently I found that two commando's who received an award for heroic actions had Mars trine Neptune (self sacrifice). See where Neptune is in your chart to see where or what you sacrificed.
When you translate 'Neptune' , try to keep in mind all of the circumstances. People aren't being sacrificed for the sake of a god any more. Scandals can be survived. And there is help for the addicted. Whenever the negative sides of Neptune show up, try to send help using the positive side of Neptune. Send compassion, listen to music, use nice fragrances, see art (Neptune is the symbol of art! See Art & Astrology...). Or perhaps you should buy a dog when you have Sun in a close sextile or trine with Neptune.

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