Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sun trine Neptune, dogs, rescues and Presley

More than once I have seen Sun trine Neptune in the charts of people who are very close to their dogs. One personal example: my grandfather had Sun trine Neptune. One night he stepped out of bed. When he got back, the dog had taken his place. He didn't mind, he took a chair!

Neptune is the symbol of empathy. The trine between Sun and Neptune had his effect in the chart of Paul Rusesabagina, born 15th June 1954. As the manager of the hotel Rwanda he saved about 1200 people (Hutu and Tutsi) out of the hands of cruel criminals during the civil war. He has Sun/Jupiter and Sun/Mars on Aries Point (symbolizing success) and Sun trine Neptune is the tightest aspect in his chart (for being idealistic or helpfull). I wrote in the post 'Mars at War':
"It seems Sun trine Neptune (empathy!) was showing the right way...". Heroic actions often are based upon empathy.

I know of another person with Sun trine Neptune in his chart. He just cannot imagine life without having a dog around. He also says that the dog helps him when he is sad and strongly feels with him.

Maybe you have your own examples of the effect of Sun trine Neptune related to animals. I have one for you: Elvis Presley. This site 'Elvis' Pets' quotes Elvis Presley saying that Dog is God spelled backwards. Isn't that a fabulous way to explain Neptune's effect, as Neptune is related to the love for animals and to religion?

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I mention Elvis' ex-wife Priscilla and Alicia Silverstond (a tight Sun sextile Neptune-example):
- Priscilla Presley adopts horses and is mad about dogs (see ).
She also has Sun in a tight trine with Neptune (born 24 May 1945 NY).
- Alicia Silverstone was born 4 October 1976 with a tight Sun sextile Neptune and all of her 5 dogs are rescued dogs. See
- Chris Brown has Sun trine Neptune, too (orb about 2,5 degrees). I found out that he has a pitbull called Diamond. Data: 05051989 Tappahannock.

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