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Chart of Commandeur Dustin Hoffman

Jupiter and Pluto are the planets that refer to success as they combine growth or prosperity and money or influence. With Jupiter and Pluto prominent in your chart, success is almost inevitable. Dustin Hoffman has Jupiter exactly on the Ascendant and Pluto (ruler Midheaven) is rising before his Sun and is not making Ptolemaic aspects in sign. Also see the indications for fame in the midpoint combinations in his natal chart (scroll down): there are many.

Yesterday Dustin Hoffman was mentioned in the newspapers because he had a specific success. The midpoint Jupiter/Pluto is conjunct his Sun, semi square the Northern Node and opposition Ascendant in the progressed chart right now, and transit Venus square progressed Midheaven now that he was awarded by the French. Venus-Midheaven is often reflecting a moment when a wish comes true. He is now 'Commandeur de l'Ordre de l'Art et des Lettres'. See for the pictures... Jupiter/Pluto opposition Progressed Ascendant is a midpoint yod pointing at the Ascendant (symbol of circumstances, presentations and ...the name). He can now add 'Commandeur' to his name.

On my blog Art&Astrology I show the astrological pattern of artistic talents in the charts of dozens of artists. This pattern relates Moon, Venus, Neptune and Midheaven and often one of those are in the signs ruled by Moon, Venus and Neptune. These signs are Taurus, Cancer, Libra and Pisces.

In the chart of Dustin Hoffman, Venus is in Cancer. The pattern is as follows:

Venus in Cancer, ruled by Moon
Venus quintile Moon
Moon conjunct Neptune
Venus quintile Nepune
Venus trine MC
Venus in aspect with Sun/Moon
Moon releated to ASC/MC

Mercury, dispositor of 'Lettres' and symbol of the messenger (using the voice or the pen) rules the fifth house of games, plays and (pro-)creativity and is final dispositor of the Midheaven. The Moon and Neptune are trine Jupiter (sensitivity harmoniously linked to success and popularity going together with art; having a lot of fans).
I also like to point at the position of Pallas, on the Ascendant. Pallas, symbol of patterns, is often angular in the charts of artists.

BTW The quintile aspect has the meaning of 'creativily linked to'. So Venus quintile Neptune says that talents are creativily linked to empathy, arts and ...movies. Neptune symbolizes the world of the amorph and the movies are part of that world.


Wikipedia tells in all languages about the period right after his study (1957/1958) when he had several ‘odd’ jobs (like coat checking in a restaurant). That was when he had the progressed Sun inconjunct Saturn. That is a statement of having a period of disproportional disadvantages and bad luck. Notice that Venus is tightly square Saturn in his chart, so that there were certain obstacles to overcome.


He married twice. In the chart of a male the indications for not marrying or a divorce (or more) are afflictions of the Moon and/or Venus with Neptune (for the romantic touch) and afflictions of Moon with Saturn or Mars with Uranus. Dustin Hoffman has almost all of them! Moon conjunct Neptune and quindecile Saturn. Mars is quindecile Uranus. Venus is quintile Neptune and that is not supposed to be a difficult aspect, but I think that creative romance in the movies CAN be a challenging thing for a marriage sometimes.

In general, hard aspects between the first and seventh house are reflecting difficulties in cooperation, like in marriage. There is a quindecile between ruler one and seven. Moon ruler 7 trine Jupiter in the first house prohibited that he should not marry at all. It is a strong aspect that promises happiness (prosperous family life). He has six children.

In his natal chart the Sun is 67.5 degrees (semi square + half semi square) Jupiter/Pluto. Other indications for his world wide recognisition are: Moon semi square Sun/Jupiter and 157.5 Venus/JUpiter, opposition Jupiter/Uranus. Mercury 67.5 Jupiter/Neptune (= success in telling tales) and Moon/Jupiter, square ASC/MC (for the crucial impact of communications). Venus is 157.5 degrees from ASC/MC (for talent), related to Jupiter/Neptune (for the fans and followers) and also to Jupiter/Midheaven (for success). Jupiter is 112.5 degrees from Sun/MC and sesquisquare Venus/MC, 157.5 Venus/Neptune (for success - Jupiter - in art -Venus+Neptune). Neptune is semisquare Sun/Jupiter and conjunct Pluto/Midheaven (art goes together with authority).

Pluto is sesquisquare Jupiter/MC and ASC/MC...this again means that he is a great authority in his field.
See the labels for more specific information....


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