Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Kensington Palace house warming party

Like Prince William I am fond of the music of Bon Jovi, the band with the positive sound:). Bon Jovi will play in the garden of Kensington Palace on November 26, 2013. That is when the house warming party of William and Kate takes place.  I have been there in the Orangery, with my husband and had afternoon tea with Debby, an American astrology friend and her husband. Recommended!

I have written about the talent in the chart of Jon Bon Jovi on Art&Astrology.

  • Venus in Pisces
  • Cancer Midheaven
  • Libra Ascendant
  • Moon sextile Venus and quintile Neptune
  • Venus exactly trine Midheaven
  • Moon opposition Midheaven
 That is a complete pattern.

Here is his chart for November 26, 2013. That is when Jon Bon Jovi's Ascendant is hit by nice Venus. Jon Bon Jovi's Jupiter is square Prince William's Venus. Venus-Jupiter: such a synastry is OK for a party!


What more can I say? Just listen to the music:

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