Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Obama's chart at shutdown

USA Sagittarius rising, transits and progressions of today
Charts of leaders often reflect a nation's status. That is true for Barack Obama, now the government 'shut down'. It is transit Neptune inconjunct progressed Sun time for Obama and for the nation. Neptune confuses and is the symbol of ideology, beliefs and ideals. Inconjuncts mirror the loss (or loss of balance), a sliding horizon and giving up. I wrote about this aspect of deception in 'Heroes, angels and Sun inconjunct Neptune' in 2009. There is a lot of Sun-Neptune in Obama's chart, transits and progressions.

Natal, transits and progressions of Obama today
1. His natal Sun is square Neptune (just like in the chart of Angela Merkel). He is an idol.
2. His Neptune is inconjunct the natal Sun of John F Kennedy, his idol
3. Because of the fact that people expected an awful lot of their idol, he is likely to disappoint many. This happened before during Neptune's transits with his Sun. There was an inconjunct between Neptune and natal Sun mid 2010.
4. Right now transit Neptune inconjunct Sun doesn't only disappoint him. It has an effect on his ideal of Obamacare. And what happens next? Neptune creates mist.
5. Huffington Post reports about drinking and 'smelling it'. Neptune is the symbol of alcohol!

Today it is Mercury square Mercury day for Obama and that means a lot of talking and thinking to do. Meanwhile there is a 17x a lot of zero's debt and transit Pluto is about to enter the USA Sagittarius rising's second house. Transit Saturn will be square Obama's Sun, later. Hard times and this inconjunct of Neptune, ruler of the President's second house, won't help much to lift the fallen angel. Here are the charts.
Progressed chart and transits of Obama today


The progressed chart of the USA (Sagittarius rising) has Venus opposition Midheaven now, maybe mirroring the chance of peace with Iran.


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On boozing congressmen: Congressmen Still Boozing As Government Shuts Down http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/30/congressmen-drinking_n_4020023.html 

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