Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In Scorpio's defense

In defense of the sign that is most unwanted in China, here is something about Scorpio, the sign of the brave defenders. Raymond Domenech uses to avoid Scorpio's in his team and that is a pity.  Every sign contributes to the whole of the circle and the circle wouldn't be complete without Scorpio. We need Scorpio to investigate, defend and challenge, like we need Libra for the perfect (lack of) balance and making choices. Virgo is sharp in details and good at seeing the faults and mistakes. Scorpio is sharp at larger scale, vigilant. The stick of the pointing finger nail of Virgo is nothing compared to the sharpness of the eagle or the venom that can be produced by Scorpio. That is why Scorpio is not the most beloved sign:). But what if they use their influence and strength to protect you...

 I wrote about Scorpio before (see that post), but now that it is Scorpio time, let me tell you something about the good things of Scorpio. We need Scorpio to stand firm, to offer resistance. The sign Scorpio is for being strong, vigilant, protective and strong willed. It depends on you how nice you find that! But that is just telling you about the SIGN Scorpio.
This is the portrait of the body guard of a Sheikh of Borneo
A person is not a sign. So, you don't have to take Scorpio pure and for 100%. Most of the time Scorpio's have the Moon and a Sun/Moon midpoint in one of the other signs. Those who were born under Scorpio may have a nice and sweet Ascendant, to ease the intensity and make you feel comfortable. The Sun may have major or minor aspects, too. Some Scorpio's are even stronger than the average 100% Scorpio is supposed to be! And some of them are self destructive. But, as Scorpio (in general) lives longer, they can't ALL be like that. Scorpio lives longer (really, see: ), but not all of them, I'm afraid.

Here is the post on the chart, life and death of Princess Gracia of Monaco (Grace Kelly, the movie star):  The combination of Scorpio Sun and Pisces Moon made her mysterious...

Another woman with Sun Scorpio on this blog is Valerie Jarrett:

Or read about Marie Antoinette and her Louis (she a Scorpio Sun, he a Scorpio Moon):

And last but not least: Hilary Clinton has a 'calling' Sun in Scorpio. See the post on the leadership in her chart: With Sun in Scorpio quintile Saturn she has a combination for the die hard and for a creative lasting strategy.

Scorpio is not the warrior, like Mars is, but the defender; not the musles but the force; not fast but strong and sometimes both. See the post on Sem Schilt (Sun and Moon in Scorpio, K1 fighter).

Sometimes Scorpio doesn't fight at all, like Prince Charles (born November 14) or Bill Gates or Pablo Picasso. I can show you the chart of Scorpio Billy Graham, too. If that is not enough, try and Google 'Astropost' and the name of the Scorpio of your choice. Maybe there is a post about that chart, maybe not, so why not ask.

Just like in any sign there are criminals born under Scorpio. I have a few examples for you:
Charles Manson:
Marc Dutroux:

See all posts on Scorpio: including Saturn in Scorpio. Maybe when you have read all posts and all books on Scorpio, you will know what it means.

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