Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The healing that you need with Chiron

If you are a hypochondriac, skip this post. It is about Chiron as ONE OF THE indications for ailments in a chart. I use capitals, because it always takes more than one indication and because genes, gender, age and social circumstances make such a big difference.

I used not to be interested too much in Chiron. That is strange, because I implemented Pholus and Ceres asap. Perhaps, it is just that there is something about this interpretation of Chiron - healer - that raises my eye brows. If there is healing, there must be something wrong or sick. Painful realizations is another interpretation of Chiron, one that seems more in line with what happens. This pain can also happen on a physical level. As I said, I just recently started to wonder about Chiron. This is what I found up to now. I look at Chiron now that my progressed Sun is sextile Chiron.

1. Chiron is the planet of ailments, I said in an earlier post, re my personal transit Chiron-Ascendant experience.
2. In another post, transit Chiron was part of a complexed composition of progressions and transits in the chart of someone who suffered from cardiac issues (she recovered, by the way): http://astropost.blogspot.nl/2013/02/example-of-3x-transit-pluto.html
3. I noticed Sun square Chiron (orb less than 1 degree) in the chart of Dutch Prince Bernhard (born December 25 1969). He has a delicate health and is fighting his illness right now.
4. One of my family members (blood related) has Sun inconjunct Chiron (tightly) and she fights illnesses from TBC to cancer and muscular dystrophia. She is also trying to heal herself or ease the pain by means of alternative treatments, not because it is her choice (well, not always), but also because her ailments and age don't allow more conservative treatments.
5. A sad situation in the family of my husband drew my attention back to Chiron again, last month. His natal chart has Sun and Moon exactly square Chiron. He heard that he is a terminal patient, just before he was about to leave for a holiday. It is not just painful realization. He is pain.
6. A sixth example is that of my own late sister who could have celebrated her 60th birthday today if she hadn't died in January 2003. She had metastasis of invasive breast cancer and died within 4 months after becoming aware of that. It is breast cancer month. It is her birthday today.*)

Of course, I don't have ALL of the charts of those who were born on the same days and I don't have ALL of the charts of people fighting long term ailments. So I don't know if Chiron ALLways accompanies health issues this way and I don't know if it  is a necessity that Chiron is either calling in 6 or in a tight and hard aspect with the Sun. It is in the above charts, without any doubt, however. Why? Why relate this to 'healing'? Healing is impossible for the numbers 4 and 5 and number 6 died.

 I think that Chiron is about ailments, illnesses and the need of someone easing or stopping the pain. Chiron is the doctor. Chirion doesn't 'say' what happens next. Apparently you don't have to die when a serious ailment or disease comes your way. I have Sun conjunct Chiron (orb 4d) and I live.

You know that I use to end posts telling you that it takes more (and better: 3) indications in the same direction (like illnesses) and that genes, gender, situation and condition or age can't be left out when you read charts. This is about just ONE aspect: Sun afflicting or conjunct Chiron or Chiron NA in 6, that I happened to see in these few charts of people who have or had to deal with a fragile health.


Who is Chiron in the myths? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiron A teacher and astrologer, too...

See the examples (use the label Chiron or illnesses).

*) Her solar return for the year of death had Saturn on Ascendant and Chiron exactly square Mars and trine natal ruler 1 (the Moon). Chiron was in her natal 6th house, 'calling' (NA) and quindecile her natal Ascendant.

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KristaShipp said...

Tr Chiron is hovering near my N moon chart ruler- Pisces moon- 17'- H9

With Neppy also in Pisces near my NN 10'-
I'm confusing myself with mixed messages

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