Tuesday, October 1, 2013

John Boehner's chart at shut down

The Republican speaker John Boehner doesn't have a known hour of birth, but it is obvious that the shutdown is exciting, making him nervous and that this moment in history is going to change his CV.  Uranus is a perfect symbol to show such a moment.  Transit Uranus is for tension.
Transit Uranus is now in the 11th degree of Aries. That is 135 degrees from his Sun in Scorpio (26th degree), a sesquisquare. Transits of Uranus are amazing and perhaps he amazes himself, his party and the nation right now. Uranus is 'calling' in his chart. Quoting my site Astromarkt:


Uranus is seeking for sensation, new items and news. That is why the unaspected Uranus will likely be driven to gadgets, the latest findings, technology, inventions and ...news. Journalists, inventors, engineers, computer freaks and technocrats are among those with an unaspected Uranus. Sometimes it is the signature of the outsider or rebel. You just need to stir things up and cause a scene when Uranus calls you to change atmospheres.

The combination of the Scorpio Sun and Moon in Libra makes me think of money issues and a state's budget is a big money issue. Venus biquintile Pluto mirrors the creative way to earn money.

Here is the X-rated chart with transits and progressions. Watch the Progressed Sun changing sign, reflecting a period of changing life style! Also, in the past year the Uranus-Pluto square hit his progressed Mars. That is a combination for the opposition...

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