Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dietician time with Transit Ceres-Jupiter inconjunct

This afternoon I see a dietician for the second time in my life. The first time was when I was far too skinny at age 18. I had to eat two more slices of bread, but I couldn't. Instead, I used not to eat one day per week (just an orange and a glass of milk)! I was 33 when I quit smoking and gained 12 kilograms. Well, I  am bit older now and if I am not careful I will reach a fatal BMI point.

I already wrote about Ceres-Jupiter and too much food. Today I have - exactly!-  transit Ceres inconjunct Progressed Midheaven. Transit Jupiter was there (inconjunct P MC) last week. The perfect combination for a diet and thinking about a balance (inconjunct)! Also, transit Jupiter is spot on square my ruler 1 in the sign of the balance (Neptune in Libra)! So maybe I have too many illusions about the effect of it. I read here that it might also be the case, that I (I???) make a false promise. Like eating less and moving more, perhaps?

Anyway, it is Ceres-Jupiter, when you need advice (Jupiter) on nutrition (Ceres).


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Dunyazade said...


ever heard of "juicing"? See it on youtube or do a google search. Seems good for quick results.



Astromarkt said...

Hello Dunya, would love to try it, but it is too much fructose for me (Diabetes 2:(

Dunyazade said...

Oh... :/

but you can choose not fruit but, instead, veggies.


Astromarkt said...

Oh yes! Got a book, bought it years ago, time to reas it again! Txs!

Astromarkt said...

And, you fullfilled the astro promiss of advice!:)

Dunyazade said...

Good I could help :D