Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Venus trine my puppy's

This is a happy day for me, as transit Jupiter is trine my Midheaven. Tomorrow, Jupiter will be trine my Sun. This is the week of my puppy. Her Venus is trine my Venus. That is a good sign! Meryl Streep married her Don in 1978. Her Venus is trine his.

On the way to see her, yesterday, I thought of some names and found at least 1 for the complete alphabet. I like 'Easy', for some reason. I was introduced to Izzy. She already had a name, because the person who first selected her, later switched to a male dog. Last week I accidentally  named the picture of Iggy (the woman dissed by Snoop Dogg): Izzy. I had never heard of Izzy before (it is short for Isabel).

Next weekend I will be very busy with the little one. She is cheerful (Moon Sagittarius; Venus and Jupiter rising before the Sun) and has a strong will (Sun trine Pluto, like I have:). She is also a Virgo (and perhaps that will make her fastidious). We'll see.

Venus-Venus synastry almost always shows mutual sympathy, even if there are different wishes and tastes. I am sure that my taste won't match Izzy's!:)

The trines of Jupiter are welcome as I am in the middle of an 8th house transit Saturn square progressed MC and square progressed Sun. I am planning to enjoy it!

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