Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Saturn transit and the heavy load

My blog is full of examples of transits, progressions and how the mirror real life. Today, I am the example. Remember when I wrote about my mother's tragic fall? She ended in a wheelchair , would never walk again, because surgery would kill her.  Here is the link:*)

Now I had transit Saturn square progressed Midheaven in Aquarius (trine natal Neptune). September was the month of involuntary detachment.  I could expect limitations, a fall, the end of a condition or saying farewell to a family member (and how true that was!), finishing my job...; a range of possibilities! First my site was off line. Later doctors advised me to do a stress test (after a sort of a collapse early September). Then, out of the blue came a cuff problem, about a week before my mother died. This shoulder problem temporarily disabled me.

I had noticed a strange pain in the biceps and started to train my shoulder. I also did a lot to get my site back on the internet after a hack. And I walked with my mother when I found out that I had to push so hard because of flat tires. All that, but most of all the effects of what I did before caused the sudden malfunction of my right arm. I am unaible to lift my arm. If I was a dog, I'd be crippled. The pain was nasty. It lasted for 3 days. Then my arm started functioning again, bit my bit. I can now raise my hand 110 degree.

It was a horrific idea to be unable to drive. It was and is a problem to get dressed. It hurts when I lay down and it keeps me awake at night. It's sad news for blogging (using one hand), again. Saturn sort of robbed me of my independence (well, of course the planet didn't. Transit Saturn only mirrored the situation!)

Meanwhile, another family member prepares to die and to complete the depressing scene, Pluto will be on my Sun/Moon midpoint and  this will be exact mid November.

Maybe the transits of Jupiter trine my MC and Sun come for the rescue...

So, if you see Saturn coming, take care of yourself. In spite of the positive views (like imagining that Saturn makes you wise), it hurts. Saturn symbolizes that you carry a (too) heavy load on your shoulders.

*) On September 21 my mother passed away. Medication mixes (heart and pain) were fatal in the end. I wrote about that in 'Danger of Pluto, not on guard'. I miss her.

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