Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ebertin spot on: Mars Pluto and brutal acts

Reinhold Ebertin, say positive and bright modern astrologers, had depressing ways to interpret aspects, probably because of the historic context ((Nazi times). In the ISIS-times of 2014 his views show to be valid again. Brutality, that is what he wrote about Mars-Pluto...

Mars-Pluto's intense energy and fanatic drive to win has a dark side. Reinhold Ebertin mentioned war victims and victims of violent acts*). In times of peace his observations sound harsh. In times of terror, however, they proof to be spot on. Part of the world and because of the threath, all of the world, is now in Nazi-times again. The terrorist group 'Islamic State' uses that brutal force. On June 29, 2014, (proclamation of IS) Mars was opposition Uranus, square Pluto and semi sextile Saturn (a combination for rebellion and unnatural death).

The violent and horrifying deaths of two American journalists, trapped in the bare dessert and surrounded by heartless religious fanatics, were just two more murders in an endless massacre and criminal scene of murder, rape, robbery and torture. The Americans were not fighting in that war and unarmed. They worked there to tell us about the war and the crimes. You can find their days of birth on the internet and see: in their natal charts there is Mars inconjunct Pluto aspect within a two degree orb. Their job was linked to danger. They took a big risk in being there and they payed the highest price to do their job.

Mars inconjunct Pluto is a dangerous aspect in dangerous places and times.

This Mars-Pluto aspect also effected us, the horrified public.

Ebertin was right about Mars - Pluto in times of war. He had observed the charts of war victims and he noticed that aspect. The two Americans are war victims, too.

It's horrific that in the 21st century we had to see the crimes of criminals like the Nazis. And it is sad that Ebertin's view on Mars-Pluto proofs to be spot on again.

*) See his book: Combination of stellar influences
On the chart of Ebertin:

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