Sunday, September 7, 2014

Saturn and Queen Elizabeth I's chart at time of death

Queen Elizabeth I (born September 7, 1533) died March 24, 1603, age 69. That was with Transit Saturn exactly conjunct her progressed Sun. It was not the only aspect (when important things happens, there is always here Mars-Uranus and Sun-Eris). Transit Saturn conjunct progressed Sun was by far the most important aspect that day, for two reasons:

1. Saturn is important in her chart, because Saturn rises before her natal Sun.
2. In the natal chart the Sun is sextile Saturn. That makes any Sun-Saturn contact of vital importance.

Sun-Saturn aspects mark the serious view of life. She happened to be depressed because of the loss of a friend and the betrayal of a man she trusted. Unfortunately, the Sun rules the 8th house and is IN the 8 house. The 8th house is the house of crisis.

The chart of Elizabeth I mirrors what happened (depressions, goodbyes) and that it had effect on her health and way of life.
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