Saturday, August 30, 2014

A lost battle and Mars inconjunct Eris

It is hard to believe today, but on August 30, 1799 a joined force of British and Russian soldiers defeated the entire Dutch fleet and invaded a part of Holland. Eventually, they had to give up and were allowed to leave the country unmolested. Now how did the Dutch chart look that day?
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When a war or a battle is concerned, I always look for Mars-Eris combinations as Mars is the symbol of war and competing, while Eris is the goddess of disharmony. I use to find that combination.

Transit Varuna (ruling the seas) was trine Eris (perfect time for a sea battle) but…
Transit Mars in the 12th degree of Virgo was inconjunct natal Eris, which is a perfect statement for a lost war incident.
Transit Eris was inconjunct natal IC (and Saturn inconjunct natal DC).

That completes the rule of 3.  Watch transit Jupiter moving on to make a trine with Midheaven. That is why the victory couldn’t lastJ.]

On October 6 (Battle of Castricum) ended in the unharmed retreat of the British-Russian army, shortly after transit Venus was trine the Dutch MC. Venus is for peace and kindness.


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