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Virgo astrologer Edith Wangemann

Edith Wangemann was born August 29, 1917 in Germany. Together with her husband, and after his death alone, she practiced and studied astrology. She was married to an astrologer (Helmuth Wangemann). A picture shows that he knew Reinhold Ebertin. I have no idea how they made a living. mentions the couple's scientific approach. In her chart this might be mirrored by the position of their Saturn, rising before the natal Sun. This post is about the astrologer in her chart and about the way that Sun in Virgo shows up.

Cosmic awareness is perhaps one of the best descriptions for Jupiter/Uranus midpoints and aspects. This aspect- or midpoint combination for the helicopter view is always present in the charts of astrologers (and astronauts). Maybe even also in the charts of astronomers, LOL.
It's also the midpoint of being inventive and the transit of 'sudden windfall'. Maybe, in the case of astrologers, the windfall is less 'unexpected':)...

There is also a Jupiter/Uranus connection in the chart of Edith Wangemann.
In the chart of Edith Wangemann midpoint Jupiter/Uranus is square Midheaven. The natal Sun is square Jupiter in Gemini*) and in quindecile (165d) aspect with the 'calling' VIP Uranus.  Her Sun/Moon midpoint semi square Mercury indicates that she was very motivated to communicate about her main interest (astrology).

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BTW, her husband was an Aquarius with Sun square Jupiter and sextile ruler Uranus.

Now, in what way did she practice being a Virgo?

- keep up the standards and never believe it all
- contribute to perfect data
- find ways to use astrology in every day's life (without drifting away, I mean)

By studying charts, keeping record of it and
*) She particularly studied the charts of twins. Gemini is the sign of twins.

Zipporah Dobyns, a Virgo astrologer, too:

On the cosmic awareness in the chart of a Russian astronaut:,_Edith

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