Sunday, August 10, 2014

See Super Moon?

I recall that I was on a parking place when I noticed a strange sort of cloud in front of the Moon. It was earth. Nobody else was looking up. Everybody was busy eating, drinking, stretching or minding the children. How many people in the world will be looking up and see any difference in the seize of the moon tonight? I wonder if the "Super Moon" will shine on that mountain in Iraq, too. How many people will watch Super Moon in Syria, Gaza, Ukraine or Israel? Does it help them to know the chart of today? I wonder... Perhaps that is because the super moon is in my 12th house. Or it is because there are too many clouds to be able to see any moon at all. And: the moon isn't SUPERB at all (see: )  This is the chart of Super Moon.

The chart is of the moment of full moon today in a Dutch city. This chart has 3 inconjuncts:
1. Sun inconjunct Chiron (painful insight)
2. Jupiter inconjunct Neptune (imbalanced beliefs)
3. Saturn inconjunct Uranus (breaking free or loosing freedom, either way)

Inconjuncts mirror a state of imbalance with the risk of having to give up or losing. More than 2 of them in a chart don't contribute to stability and pleasure. 

Astrology is like meteorology. There is a weather report and depending on your position and situation the weather is either good or bad. Apparently, being in the Middle East right now is not being in a good situation. Those inconjuncts don't help. It is a situation with a sliding scale, but the chart won't tell who wins and who dies. It is simply pointing at unstable weather with losses involved. 

For those born on the 9 or 10th of February, May, July or November, this full moon promises personal change in the next 14 days. It depends on where and who you are, what kind of change it will be. I hope it is a good one! 

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