Monday, December 17, 2007

SARKOZY in love with BRUNI

The French president Sarkozy (born 29 January 1955, 22h Paris) has fallen in love with Carla Bruni (23 December 1967, 18h10 Turin). Her Moon conjunct Pluto is square to his Venus. That is a strong loving feeling, yes! His Ascendant on her IC adds a sense of familiairity. But...their Suns, Moons and Venusses are in a difficult position towards each other, so it might not be easy to live together of to share each others tastes and preferences. Not as easy as it was to fall in love...

Here you see the chart of Carla Bruni with the positions in the birth chart of Sarkozy on the outside. Carla Bruni is an artist (Neptune oriental, conjunct Venus). Sarkozy is an ambitious man with diplomatical talents (Venus crucial, Saturn oriental). It caught my eye that in the composite chart Neptune is in a crucial position, right on top of the IC. Should it be just coincidence that Neptune is on the solar return descendant of Sarkozy? And that Neptune is on the solar return ascendant for 2008 for Bruni? I wonder...And what about the fact that they were first spotted in Disney Land (a sort of a miraculous place, full of fairy tales, in line with Neptune?)...Sometimes it is a miracle how astrology works.

Table of matching signs

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