Monday, December 17, 2007

chart of a fund raiser

It seems Ron Paul. another candidate for the presidency of the USA, has beaten the 'fundraising" record of John Kerry with over 6.000.000$ in 24 hours! This is his chart (time unknown!) for 20th August 1935 in Pittsburgh. Ron Paul is first of all a politician (Pluto oriental, orientation on power, influence or money) and he might be a leader (Sun makes no major aspects in sign and that is what I call a 'calling' Sun in Leo: he has a 'call' for leading and drawing attention). Here we have Sun, we have Pluto and there is Jupiter (sesqui square Aries Point) to complete the combination of self confidence that often leads to succes. The lack of placements in the air signs is indicating the need for communications. He sure knows how to get You Tube mobilised.

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