Thursday, December 27, 2007


The Pakistani politician Benazir Bhutto died. An attack killed her on a day with a so
lar transit opposed to Mars and transit Pluto still in opposition with her natal Sun. In some situations more is not needed, apparently...
For her chart and progressions see the message dated November 10 2007. In that message I pointed at the danger coming from the transit of Pluto.

PS Re: about Progressed Sun opposed to Pluto in her chart

7:59:03 PM is mentioned on the forum as the birth time of Benazir Bhuto, who in that case had Pluto in her eight house and the Sun was ruling the eight house. The eight house is the house of death.

And in addition: the fact that she died and Pluto is the symbol of danger does not mean that my pointing at the Sun opposition Pluto was meant as predicting death, just DANGER. Pluto is the symbol of sex, power, influence, politics and danger in astrology and it depends on situations and circumstances in what way Pluto will manifest. Not every person with a Sun-Pluto affliction in progress or transit dies (I am an example myself of surviving one:). Most of the time this aspect includes a come back, too. Nevertheless: Pluto afflictions can be very challenging...

PS See also the message of December 29 with the progressed chart.

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