Monday, December 10, 2007


I am not sure if Robert Plant (born 20th August 1948, 15h05 West Bronwich UK) planned the comeback of Led Zeppelin together with an astrologer, but it just might be so. Exactly today transit Jupiter is perfecting the square with his MidHeaven, while Pluto is also square the MC (for the comeback: and trine the Sun. Jupiter also trines the Sun. What you see is a double combination for succes. And then Saturn is also in a good mood, making a trine with the Northern Node to express the respect of the people.

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Anonymous said...

Also, the New Moon on 9 Dec. was on natal 1st house Jupiter. Yes, indeed, well timed.
A new dimension of his career is taking off through his association with American singer Alison Kraus (23 July 1971, 7:48 PM CDT, Decatur, IL), whose Pluto is exactly conj Robert's MC, and whose Neptune (along with Jupiter) is right on his AC -- among other contacts.