Sunday, December 30, 2007


This is the chart drawing with the positions on the birth day of Bilawal Bhutto, September 21, 1988. There is no birth time available, yet. (PS Thanks to Astrodatabank we know it by now. On January 10th Astrodatabank gave 9:30 a.m. See the message of January 10)

In the first days of January 2008 both Mars and Pluto will square his natal Sun by transit. Mars and Pluto in affliction point at the use of power and violence and the danger of an attack. It is also symbolic for the political (Pluto) struggle (Mars) that in some parts of the world is sometimes very violent. To accept his role as a leader of the opposition at this age is very courageous. Hopefully his prominent Venus (sesqui square Aries Point), symbol of diplomacy, leads to rest and peace.

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According to Jyotish (sidereal chart), Sun sign is Virgo & Moon sign is Capricorn. Saturn had just begun to transit 8th from natal moon (Leo), thus guaranteeing a life/death experience. Note also that 3rd House from Sun is Scorpio, whose Lord is in Pisces (2 siblings). 3rd house from Moon is Pisces, and Mars is in it (2 siblings). He'll be having a reasonably good life: Jupiter 9th from Sun & 5th from Moon. Father will obviously guide him throughout.