Saturday, December 29, 2007


Here you see the progressed chart of the murdered Benazir Bhutto, based on a birth time of 19h59, that I found on in the forum. Notice, apart from the transit of Pluto (in the birth chart in the eight house of life and death) with the Sun (ruler of the eight), that in the progressed chart the Sun and Pluto were getting closer to a conjunction. Also Transit Saturn sits on the progressed descendant (fysical fall, disadvantage produced by others) and on the IC you see a V. It is the V for Vulcanus, an object that was gratuit in my program and that I found on crucial places (Asc, desc, IC or MC) in cases of violence, such as the political murders in Holland (Fortuyn and Van Gogh). There is an article available about that in Dutch (you can see the chart drawings in the international language of astrology). The V of Vulcanus was also there in the London subway attacks. You can see the charts of that moment HERE...

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