Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This is the chart of Jody Foster. Yesterday, given an award, she thanked her partner Cindy for her support. That was her coming out as a lesbian, though they spent years together, raising children. Watch the Venus in Scorpio conjunct Neptune for the secrecy or discretion and notice that Venus is sesquisquare Zero Aries (so: Prominent) and disposing of the MC. Venus is the planet of beauty and arts. Neptune is the planet of the immaterial (like movies are) and of being artistic.

Neptune is important in her birth chart, but these days transit Neptune is important as well. Neptune sits on the lowest spot of her solar return chart. And is making a square with the progressed MidHeaven! That seem to correspond with her statement. She said she was insecure and trying to get somewhere, without knowing where...Neptune for mystery and MC for goal...

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