Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Gary Bauer (4th May 1946, Covington, Kentucky) might be one of the most frequent visitors of the White House. This very conservative christian might be influencial, too. Is it just coincidence that his Pluto is right on top of George W. Bush's Mercury?

Another visitor is James Dobson, born in Shreveport, Louisiana on 21st April 1936. He has 70% of the placements in earth signs and should be a materialist or realist. He is a very conservative christian, too. His Jupiter is spot on trine the MC of George W. Bush (6th July 1946, 7h26 EDT New Heaven) and that is an indication for a beneficial relationship. Also his Northern Node inconjunct the presidents' ascendant. Tight connections?

Time will tell, the visitors' list is still not available.

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