Sunday, December 9, 2007


Interesting synastry between the birth charts of Oprah Winfrey (helping Obama) and Hillary Clinton (the other candidate)! They - both influencial women - share the following aspects:

Sun - Saturn (Oprah square, Hillary quintile); they share nasty experiences
Moon - Uranus (Oprah quintile, Hillary square); both long for being different from the other
Moon - Jupiter (Oprah opposition, Hillary trine): success joins them
Venus - Saturn (both square); long felt pain if they break up
Mars - Pluto (Oprah square, Hillary conjunction); this could be destructive but they could have been teamplayers and joined forces...(well, maybe after Hillary became the candidate for the Democrats?)

And apart from that, Hillary has Moon on top and conjunct Zero Aries; Oprah has Moon on the IC, so that in the composite chart the Moon (symbol of the woman) is on the descendant, very prominent, opposing the ascendant. Popular and attractive women.

Their Mercury's (opinions) collide and the Pluto of Oprah is squaring the Northern Node of Hillary as for indicating the influence she has on the community that Hillary needs to support her.

So what aspects does Oprah share with Hussein Obama (born 4th August 1961 at ??? in Honolulu)?
They share o.a. Mercury-Jupiter (trine and opposition) for prosperous communications.

Does Obama have a chance now that Oprah supports him? It is difficult to predict, especially when it is about the future:) and even more without a birth certificate with his hour of birth on it. So looking at the charts of othter candidates might be helpfull, certainly when it is not about 2 candidates (republican and democrate) only. So more about that, after the democratic elections.

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