Saturday, December 8, 2007

BIRTH CHART JAMES BLUNT (Dutch website) reports that James Blunt is not exactly avoiding the other gender...He should have some reputation where one night stands are involved. James Blunt is born 22 February 1977 in Wilthshire. That day Mars was rising before the Sun and oriental in his natal chart. Mars is for enterprise, sports and...reproduction. Take into account that he is very attractive for a lot of women (being rich and famous)...

On his birth day this prominent Mars in Aquarius squared Uranus and was in opposition with Saturn (where is control and what are the limitations?). The Sun is calling for attention, Venus is trine Neptune for romance and artistic talents.

The message about his love life comes with transit Nodes semi square Venus (relations with females is the issue), Neptune semi square the progrssed Sun (frustrating negative imago) and Pluto inconjunct the progressed Jupiter (having succes, but...) .

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