Tuesday, December 18, 2007

She is an employee of Ingrid Bétancourt...

Clara Rojas is a formar employe of Ingrid Bétancourt (see the report about her) and was in the hands of the FARC in Colombia with Ingrid Bétancourt all of those years. Now it is said that she and her two sons will be released shortly. Should Ingrid Bétancourt be released, too?

Clara Rojas was born 20th December 1963 and will soon celebrate her 44th birthday. The solar return chart has Sun, Pluto, Mercury and Jupiter close together, opposed to Mars and that looks like a good sign. Transit Pluto is now conjunct Sun and semi square Progressed Sun (a transformation, a transfer, a come back: not without danger) and we see Saturn conjunct Progressed Uranus (often present when imprisonment or freedom is involved).

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