Friday, May 15, 2015

100% positive Bogus

Recent media news about astrology drew my attention these days. Here are the articles:
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  • Astrology isn’t 100% bogus
  • Astrology and celebrity: Seasons really do influence personality
It sounds very positive about astrology and in fact, it is! That is because millions of people don't know much about astrology at all and just remember that a scientist found that astrology is not bogus. In fact, large parts of the articles show that either the scientist or the journalist don't know much about astrology at all. 

One of the stories are about a water season in astrology. It says that December-March are in the 'Water Season' and Water is creativity in astrology. Oh really? Another part of the story is that in uneven month you'd be more extravert! Months and signs don't correspond, water is related to the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and calendar month numbers are more related to numerology than astrology. So, there is something wrong about the articles (and maybe about the analysis, too, I don't know). 

Nevertheless, thanks to the scientist who may be in trouble now, because in his world it is not 'done' to refer to astrology at all. Maybe he didn't, in fact (and it were the journalist). Never mind! It is a positive story about astrology and that is far better than the ones we had last year. Only astrologers will know that it is partly bogus. 

PS Is there any scientific explanation for the fact that Mr. Bogus was produced by a company names Zodiac Entertainments? LOL

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