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Jupiter and the Knox appeal

In the earlier post about the Knox appeal I said that I would be back on the subject. Amanda Knox is on her way back home now. She and Raffaele Sollecito have been found innocent. (Amanda was found guilty of slaunder, however.) This post is about the effect of (transit) Jupiter in her 12th house. You see, she has a number of aspects of transit Jupiter now as you can see in the included chart. This transit of Jupiter was square natal Midheaven and sesquisquare progressed Sun/Moon, inconjunct progressed Descendant and inconjunct AC/MC and Jupiter is in the natal 12th house. I, too, have a twelfth-house-Jupiter and when I had transit Jupiter conjunct Jupiter all that happened was that I was saved from things that could have been worse*), like Else Parker wrote in 1953. She said: "Jupiter’s transit through the 12th house contributes to to the idea that all dark and difficult things ‘ might have been worse".
OCTOBER 3, 2011

The chart above shows the transits and progressions with the natal chart of Amanda Knox. 

In a normal situation the number of transits of Mars and Jupiter in a tight aspect with her Ascendant, Midheaven and Uranus could indicate relief, at least and more positively: a success. Also, transit Jupiter on the midpoint Sun/Moon in the progressed chart is a positive indication. Jupiter is important in the chart of Amanda Knox (rising before the Sun and ruling the Moon in Sagittarius), so the transits of Jupiter are important as well. The 12th house position of natal and transit Jupiter sometimes has a strange effect, however. I also don't want to underestimate Saturn's transit sesquisquare the progressed Midheaven, even if that transit isn't exact any more, even though there is growing belief in the innocence of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. There is also growing hope in the chart of Amanda Knox. 
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*) Of course, the transit of Jupiter of my story was no square my MC or sesquisquare my Sun/Moon and therefore less important)
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