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Venus quindecile Ceres on Xmas

Venus, Bacchus, Ceres en Amor (Cornelis Cornelisz)
The chart of Xmas night (I mean December 25, zero hours) has an aspect that is very much in line with what will be happening on Xmas day: Venus is quindecile Ceres. Remember my tweets about Ceres and cooking and nutrition? Ceres with Venus is also the symbol of motherly love and the love to nurture. It is such a proper aspect for those Xmas days of luxury food! I'll tell you why.

1. Venus is the symbol of preferences, style, sweetness, beauty, entertainment, love and pleasure.
2  Ceres is important in the natal charts of famous chef cooks. Julia Child, for example, started making recipes when her progressed Sun was opposition Ceres!
3. Venus and Ceres both like comfort and to comfort...

So...I hope that your Xmas dinner will be prepared by someone who loves (Venus) to nurture (Ceres) and that you will love (Venus) the cook (Ceres) with the strong and fanatic focus (165 degree aspect) required by the quindecile, even if you can hardly chew the turkey.

OK There is a risk. Because of the quindecile there is a risk that you might focus too strongly on YOUR preferences (also a Venus thing) when it comes to consume or prepare dinner, but if you have such strong desires, please consider that there is another way to read this aspect combination.

Venus, Bacchus, Ceres and Amor by Jacob de Wit

Venus-Ceres is also a proper mirror of the 'loving family' that so many of us cherish in the final days of December. The symbols of "to please your loved ones" and "to nurture"  are connected by a somewhat obsessive aspect. The new born baby's of December 24/25 might love to cook or be fanatic loving mothers, born to cook. Maybe they will become men who see women as their caretakers? We will know what the result of this aspect will be in the years to come. Knowing that this Xmas love and nurture are bound together might help you to choose the right ingredients for Happy Holidays!
The aspect will be over as soon as the family and friends return to reality, anyway:)!

Wish you a Merry Christmas, something sweet for dinner and a peaceful gathering around the table, with nice company:).

(Those who don't celebrate Xmas might use this aspect to prepare a nice supper or to take care of someone special. Or why not buy a book about cooking? It is up to you how you will use the strong focus on motherly love and pleasant nutrition in the next two days.)

See you after Christmas!


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