Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pholus and the fine of the Minister of Traffic

Isn't it interesting that transit Pholus is on the Sagittarian Sun of Vir Barta right now? Vit Barta is the Czech Minister of Traffic. His drivers' license has been supsended for 6 months. That is a punishement for using a sticker instead of an official   license plate (the original was stolen). 

Pholus is the symbol of shooting your own foot (or not being allowed to drive, even if you are the Minister of Transport).  Pholus might have a stronger 'shooting' effect in the sign of the Archer. Transit Pholus is conjunct his Sun and the progressed Sun is semi square natal Pholus...

There are more examples of the effect of Pholus on this blog (use the label)...Pholus is in Sagittarius right now (about 14 degrees). Maybe you, Sagittarius, didn't notice Pholus, yet. But if Pholus is important for you, you will...This asteroid pops up whenever there is a problem that could have been avoided. 

BTW I guess that he was in a hurry (Sun Sagittarius, Moon in Aries and Mars opposition Uranus). See the positions on his day of birth here:

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