Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wedding day of William and Kate

The progressions and transits for the wedding day of William and Kate are so nice, that I just had to mention them. You know that Venus is the symbol of love, sweetness and fun. Jupiter is the symbol of happiness and success. Neptune is the planet of romance. Together they are the combination of the fairy tale or dream marriage! This trio is in the chart of Prince William starting end of April of 2011! Venus and Neptune are important in the chart of William on the day of the wedding ceremony. In the follow-up there is Progressed Venus trine Jupiter. The meaning of these progressions and transits is: a romantic wedding day and good feelings afterwards. Love is in the air and in the chart of Prince William.

On the wedding day (April 29, 2011):
- The progressed Venus of William is conjunct his natal Sun (and that means the start of married life with the love of your life).
- Neptune is trine this conjunction for the romantic touch.
- And another good indication is progressed Venus trine Jupiter, later in 2011, for the happy couple. No regrets:)
(There is only one 'but': transit Uranus inconjunct Midheaven. That is for an overdose of tension and nerves, I presume.)

Kate's progressed Mars square Sun and trine progressed Sun is a double symbol of marriage. (The midpoint Sun/Mars in the chart of a woman is also the midpoint of marriage -meaning: living with a man, sharing life with a man, the 'man in your life' -). Her Ascendant and Midheaven might also be 'touched' by the event, but as her hour of birth is unknown, this remains a mystery.

Here is the natal chart of Willam with transits and progressions for the perfectly chosen date of the wedding. With such beautiful aspects you might wonder if an astrologer selected this date...or...that there is indeed correspondence between the positions in a chart and real life events...Love is in the air...

What is interesting is, that the wide Sun square Mars in the natal chart is resonating in this double Mars-Sun combination while his Venus inconjunct Neptune is resonated by Neptune trine progressed Venus. Perhaps that illustrates the importance of the event or shows how their natural hesitations will have been 'overruled' on April 29, 2011.

The complete story of the match, the synastry and the wedding day on Astromarkt: William, Kate, the wedding and the chart...

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