Monday, November 22, 2010

Pholus and the retrospective impact of JFKs death on Obama

President Obama has Sun square Neptune and he is an idol. But he also has an idol: J.F. Kennedy. I wrote about that before (link: Barack Obama’s Neptune is inconjunct John F. Kennedy’s Sun.

When JFK died, Barack Obama was a todler. But in retroperspective, the death of JFK had a great influence on his way of living today. Pholus is illustrating that.
Pholus is seen as a ' catalyst'. Catalysts are not so obvious when they start working. They are important in retroperspective and in memoires. Transit Pholus was opposition progressed Sun of Obama on November 22, 1963. Because of the natal opposition of Sun and Pholus and the angular position of natal Pholus this transit was important.

Today, 47 years after the murder of JFK, I like to show you the chart, transits and progressions of Barack Obama for the day that J.F. Kennedy died with transit Pholus opposition progressed Sun of Obama. Pholus nature is often that of insights starting with a small or even insignificant incident that keeps. Pholus also might reflect an event that is the catalyst of something in future, on a larger scale. When President Kennedy died, Barack Obama was a todler. But later he learned about J.F. Kennedy, his life and tragic death. It is the death of JFK that turned Kennedy into a hero, a myth and a legend. The impact and tragedy of the last moment of JFK initiated the later development of Barack Obama's political career.

OBAMA and the day that JFK died
Here is the chart: you see transit Pholus opposition his progressed Sun. That day had a great impact on the development of Barack Obama in retroperspective. It was a turning point in his development!
Chart of Obama with transits and progressions of Nov.22, 1963
All this might just be coincidence (and something else changed the course of his life), but I very much doubt it.  Barack Obama has Sun opposition Pholus in the natal chart. The transit of Pholus opposition his progressed Sun is resonating the Sun-Pholus connection in the natal chart and that makes the impact of it stronger. His Pholus is angular (close to the Ascendant), making Pholus a prominent player in the chart. Today, transit Pholus is inconjunct his progressed IC, signaling a turning point with a possible lost related to a crucial development (maybe a personal one). Maybe this day will be mentioned in his memoires, in retroperspective?

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