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Eurovision's Loreen and Venus-Uranus 'ringing'

The Eurovision song contest was won by Loreen (see Wiki), born October 16*), 1983 in Västerås, yesterday. Funny to see the correspondence between chart and events! 

Remember that a little while ago (link) I pointed at the fact that repeating aspects sound louder? (I mean that when there is an aspect in the natal chart and there are transits and progressions with the same two planets, like Sun square Moon and progressed Moon trine Sun). It is as if you are prepared more for the transits or progression than when you don't have such an aspect in the natal chart. Should I say, that the transit/progression 'clicks' with your nature and you 'answer' to the call when the bell rings? Or is it vice versa: because of the fact that you are who you are, you respond more to what is in line with you and your nature? Like when you see pregnant women and babies all over the street when you are pregnant. Or when you see your brand new car brand popping up in traffic all of the time. 

The chart of Loreen is another example of that idea!

1.  Her natal Sun semi square Uranus and now transit Uranus quindecile Sun.  
2.   Natal Venus square Uranus and transit Uranus inconjunct Venus

Of course, winning a contest is an important moment of change in her career and life. Suddenly the whole of Europe knows her. Her debut album will be released soon. Uranus is the astrological word for surprising (and sometimes shocking) changes. The Sun-Venus-Uranus combination makes this period exciting in a pleasant way. Venus-Uranus is also the symbol of rhythm and often there is an aspect between Venus and Uranus in the charts of pop singers. Singing is the major issue now, for Loreen!
(BTW, This Venus square Uranus most have an important place in her chart. When she ended number 4 in Idols in 2004, progressed Venus was square Neptune and transit Uranus square Uranus).

It is also interesting that she met human rights activists in Azerbaijan. Mars rises before her Sun and that is a statement for the importance of energy, drive, activism, machinery or instruments (see the 2009 post about Mars ‘oriental’ with more examples: )

Also visit: for example about Venus-Uranus

*) Dutch Wikipedia mentions October 18, but Svenska Wiki says 16, too.

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